Plastic in the Arts Isn’t Normal – First steps…

Friends and colleagues in the performance / touring world – please read and share this if you have a moment.

Following the logic, or the spirit, of not-doing-nothing-cos-you-can’t-solve-everything, I’ve decided to try and launch a “campaign of encouragement” with the aim of reducing the use of plastic in arts festivals (bottles, cutlery, packaging) and normalise the idea of avoiding its use.
Why? Because the global situation now is so obscene, and so critical (see link below for a start) that every time I’m at a festival and there are plastic plates for lunch or plastic water bottles at a conference (etc), I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of terrible dissonance or hypocrisy, and i guess i’m not alone. The arts are so often touted as ‘factories of possibilities’, coproducing and presenting work which tries to imagine alternatives, or at least exposing problems… and this one (unlike for example air travel) is not even that hard to solve.
We know this, because some festivals and organisations out there have already figured it out, so I wanted to start with pooling those positives, to be able to articulate solutions, not just lay down a challenge. Two questions –
a. do you know, or are you, an organisation who has an effective no-plastic policy, or is trying?
b. what are the steps taken which worked / didn’t work / continue to cause problems?
c. are there any existing campaigns that I could help with and which would render this unnecessary? (please say yes…)
I have a few ideas, but as a dilettante in the art of campaigning I’d welcome any suggestions for how to go about this with care and understanding as well as effectiveness
with thanks and hope,
ps. apologies to Jacques Rancière for the image


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