last days – Lest We See Where We Are

My new work with Tim Etchells, called LEST WE SEE WHERE WE ARE continues for another 20 days (until 26 October) at Vooruit in Gent. It’s only the second time we’ve shown it since Dresden last year, and the first in English (Dresden was German only).

We’ve radically reworked it for Gent – partly due to the new site and the archive / local photography it incorporates, but also to try out something new. It takes place in two places – indoors, in the main theaterzaal, and outside on the street. You do it alone, it’s only for one at a time. The difficulty of really thinking about or imagining the future is explored by a voice coming from the boombox you hold. It takes the risk of speaking ‘for you’. I’m just standing here, leaning against the wall… holding a portable stereo.

It really sounds like the voice is coming out loud, echoing in the little passageway to the side… and that people passing by in the street must be able to hear it. This very complete illusion is created through binaural recordings and a synchronised bass track which causes the stereo to vibrate against your chest as you hold it. We imagine being responsible for a voice saying such things, thinking through speaking, albeit at times rather clumsily. No, no… that’s not what i wanted to say.

We’re proud of the work and happy to have created what can also be seen as a celebration of this great building, 100 years old this year.


‘Lest…’ is for one at a time and lasts about 45 minutes, but the cycle permits 3 per hour… so there are slots starting every 20 minutes. The hours vary – see the website below – mostly 10am until 5 or 6pm. There are late slots running to 11pm or midnight in the coming days – 10th, 11th and 13th October.


FULL project info (my site) >

monday to friday > 11:00-18:00
saturday > 15:00-18:00
T. 0032 9 267 28 28


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