O.L.D. vs. N.E.A.U.

Below are two music videos which place footage of people from the 60’s dancing alongside newer music.
There’s something about what happens here which I find extremely touching. I’ve always fantasised about people from the past hearing music from the future… people at the Woodstock festival waking up one morning to a DJ set by, i don’t know, Autechre? But then, perhaps equally attractive is the idea of people dancing to new music, but in an older style – everyone still committed to a certain way of moving. But the genius here is the choice of period, where things are so palpably changing. In both the videos you can sense that dancing ‘on your own’ is still quite a new idea- there’s still a slight connection between boy and girl, and when someone breaks off it’s really so they can go crazy.
The first film I saw very late night on something like MTV around 15 years ago at my parents house, and spent ages afterwards trying to get my hands on the vinyl – it was pretty much the first time i’d heard minimal techno and was the start of a long affair (unfinished), but I always held this clip in my mind as one of the best music videos ever. When I found it on youtube I was really overjoyed. I love the fact that the Kooky Scientist himself, Fred Gianelli, writes in the comments ‘Hey, thanks for uploading this. I don’t even have a good copy of my own damn video or a working VHS machine’. I also adore the quality of the footage – very poor conversion to youtube from what must be one of the earliest examples of ‘video’ ever – it doesn’t look like film.
The second is a new track by Funki Porcini. I had no idea he was still making stuff, but by the looks of things he’s had a burst of creativity in the last few years. You can hear it all on his bandcamp page. The video is more accomplished than the other one, probably due to the Ninja Tune connection with the phenomenal AV team Hexstatic. The scene is actually taken from Luis Buñuel’s film Simon Del Desierto (1965).


buy the track for a quid > http://funkiporcini.bandcamp.com/track/the-devil-drives


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