The Quiet Volume in London, and other news

This is the mail I sent out to my contacts recently, some upcoming dates. If you’d like to get mails from me like this, let me know – subject line ‘yes please’ to



The Quiet Volume is coming soon to London, again to Berlin, then Warsaw and Zurich. It’s my latest work, created in collaboration with Tim Etchells (and commissioned by the travelling, site-specific festival Ciudades Paralelas together with Vooruit) – a whispered, site-specific autoteatro piece for two people in the silence of a library’s reading room. We’re really happy with how it’s been working so far and hope you can come along to it. In London, it will be playing in three libraries as part of the London Word Festival. 

Dates and links to further info below. Places are limited so if you can, please book asap  > 

April 8 – May 4 > The Quiet Volume > 3 London Libraries, London Word Festival, UK

Later, in May, TQV will also be returning to the amazing library in Berlin where it premiered, again within the HAU programme (Hebbel am Ufer), before moving a little further east to Warsaw, as part of the full Ciudades Paralelas festival. And then in June, the whole festival moves once more to Zurich. 

Before any of that, however, I’m now in Ghent (Belgium) to present three shows at Vooruit: Etiquette (Rotozaza), The Bench (with Glen Neath) and The Quiet Volume. I’m also in residence there creating a new show with Dutch artist Gert-Jan Stam – a ‘script’-based autoteatro show for four people at a time, which we hope to present later in the year. I’m excited that it will be my first autoteatro piece not to use any pre-recorded audio or video. 

For anyone interested in this kind of work I’d recommend a trip to Vooruit. The wonderful Lundhall&Seitl will be there alongside many others as part of the festival ” The Game is Up! “ which starts on Tuesday.

March 16 – 26 > The Quiet Volume The Bench (& Etiquette) > Vooruit, Festival: The Game Is Up!, Ghent, Belgium

I’d also highly recommend trying to engineer a way to see the whole Ciudades Paralelas festival. Curated by Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) and Lola Arias, the eight different commissions were for site-specific performances which could happen ‘in any city’. The shows take place in generic places inherent to a city’s basic functioning (stations, shopping malls, courthouses, factories, hotels, libraries…). It opened in Berlin in September, before moving to Buenos Aires late November. Next stop Warsaw (May – including a new POLISH version of The Quiet Volume) and Zurich (June). Most of the works offer english versions. Full info here > Ciudades Paralelas 

Coproducers Fusebox (Austin, Texas) will present The Bench in April, and from May it will be playing for quite a while out of the Brewhouse, Taunton. Finally, Etiquette has some European appearances in Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy – dates for Etiquette are here.

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