just found a snippet of text on my computer from ten years ago. 

Martin Creed interviewed by Chris Coombes for Tate Magazine Issue 27

> Are you conscious of a particular personal code when you are thinking about making work?

Umm… eh, well, not wanting to get it wrong is a big part of it. But then another big part of it is not knowing… not knowing, not knowing or… finding it difficult to know when it’s right. And, eh, but there’s a big…aye, I think there’s a lot of fear involved because… you know I want to try to do things and, eh and I want to be able to live with them… and if I think I’ve got it wrong it’s difficult to live with it… very difficult… But yeah, it’s difficult to know when you’ve got it wrong… I think it’s to do with feelings, you know? I mean if my heart sinks then I know I’ve got it wrong, or I think I know… I think it’s about trying to come to a feeling of something being the right thing to do, or not… in a way… but I think it’s difficult to say… it’s difficult to say… or to try to put it another way…

I don’t know what I want to say, but, to try to say something, I think I want to try to think. I want to try to see what I think. I think trying is a big part of it, I think thinking is a big part of it, and I think wanting is a big part of it, but saying it is difficult, and I find saying trying and nearly always wanting. I want what I want to say to go without saying.


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