Clone attempt, 1

A section of the original lecture / talk / explanation – Le dernier spectacle (Une Conference) by Jerome Bel – is on the left. Ari Constantine Fliakos from the Wooster Group seems to have learnt this section and, on the right, re-performs it with the help of an ear-piece. Both videos were on youtube, seperately… and for a while I found it amusing to start them both at the same time. I hope i’m not infringing any rights by putting them next to each other here… I’m guessing I’m not the first. In any case, I do recommend watching Jerome’s fascinating ‘lecture version’ of the show in full at this link 

Wooster Group reprise 

The last performance (1998), by Jerome Bel:

Invited at the same time by the Hebbel Theater in Berlin, the Tanz-Quartier in Vienna and the Centre National de la Danse in Paris to perform The last performance (1998) I decided, instead of presenting the piece, to make a lecture about its issues. I had the feeling that this difficult piece had not been really understood. Maybe the piece was bad. But I believe that the issues of this piece were relevant, which is why I would like to change my medium and to use the tool of the lecture to try to articulate better the stakes of The last performance. I will re-contextualise the piece in its theoretical level through the texts of Roland Barthes and Peggy Phelan and in my artistic situation at that time.

– Jerome Bel, Paris, February 2004


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