No this is not part of the play

Someone in Canada contacted us with an unusual question regarding Etiquette (Rotozaza) >“From reading what the play is about it appears as though the audience interacts during the play. I am looking to propose to my future wife and was hoping we can work that into the play. It would make for a memorable moment for all involved. Kindly, could you please help me in making this happen?”We replied explaining he should maybe try and fit it in towards the end… we didn’t know what more we could say really. Anyhow he wrote back the other day:“Good day Great People, Thank you very much, it was a great success!!! First and foremost P said YES. She was taken by surprise and loved the proposal. Thanks to the Etiquette team; the play is very unique and entertaining concept. This is how the proposal went; at certain times during the act I was adding my own lines talking about P. It was hilarious she thought it was part of the play. E.g. I would start lines off with her name and finish with I love you P…. During the time when I was meant to drip water on her palm I wrote on the note pad #Will You Marry Me# folded that, wrote on the outside open at the end…and placed in her palm. She thought it was part of the play. At the end of the play with my headset on, I asked to open it and she read it. She thought it was part of the play and was like are you serious. I took my headset off and went over to her side of the table went down on one knee pulled the ring out and said “No this is not part of the play. Will you Marry Me?”…. she said YES YES YES.”


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