Through another’s eyes

An addict in the area described in the last post approached me offering to draw my portrait. I told him i only had 2 dollars and he said fine no problem, smashing what remained of his green pencil (overused, chewed) into the page and immediately crushing the lead to bits. ‘Awww you got a pen man, i need a pen…’ – I told him he could have it. His portrait, which I think is quite amazing for how it manages to look like both of us, was finished in no longer than 25 seconds. I don’t know if he’d have spent any longer on it if i’d given him $200 given the state he was in, but I only wish I could have sat down and had a conversation about what he’s doing, how people react etc. He managed to tell me he was happy for people to go away with their portraits. When I asked him what the folder full of dirty pages was, he said, well they’re the ones they didn’t want.

I was thinking of an experiment with Greg and Gemma as the Other People, where we charged £1 for a portrait done in 1 minute. Go here, scroll down to ‘Portraits in Puerto Banus: €1.00, One Minute’.


One response to “Through another’s eyes

  1. Was someone about to force you to play ice-hockey? You look scared. check the shoulders!

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