I have a new computer and google’s behaving differently, giving me what I imagine are the most commonly searched terms relating to whatever I type. The list it gives sometimes catches my eye. The less you enter the better it seems. I like the many references to people, songs, adverts, movies – how these lines dangle there absurdly in the googlesphere, stripped of glamour and harmony, back with the others where they were to begin with, daily fragments of desire and the unknown, arranged here in list form by a computer which we must continue to believe can’t laugh or write poetry.






One response to “Suggestive

  1. This from my dizzying stats : : :

    It is what people are searching for that leads them to my blog.

    Search Views
    michael jackson ghost 1
    arguments against ghost stories 1
    argument against speaking to the dead 1
    hantu michael jackson 1
    arguments against ghosts 1
    michael jackson ghost car window 1

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