-.  . . ~  ~ ~ .   ‘  .- ~ ~ . . mean- ~, . ;:: . quite ;a .se’nsitive eat: andlsounds unencumbered. vtith precise ml ::ing;vlere:registered-p~erhai,s;better-by:ime..; most. What was. ~~~, :l.; it then?.Aidefectof:the.understanding perhapsl which only began ~~  to;ilib.rate on:repea~ted :solicitations; or which di~d-vibrate, if you like, ~’ . ‘ but,at a lower frequency., or a :than:that of ratiocination, if [ - isucha thing is conceivableiand ,such a thing:;is conceivable, since ~:, . .lcOnceive it. Yes:;the words-lheard;and.heard .distinctly; ~:v::~ ~l; ~ ..quite asensitive ear,were heard.a-firstltime;.then: a second, ~ . ~ oftenevenathird*.:aspuresounds;freeof.allm. e~aning;andthis ll; ~ ~ isprobablyone ofthe reasons.)yhyconversatiori was..unspeakably ~ . . painful to me.And the words’l uttered-im yself–and-which must     nearly always have gone’-effort.of,theiintelligence,were     often to me as the buzzing of an insect..A’nd; thisis- perhaps one ~ ~ of the reasons rIw as so:untalkatjye. I ‘rnean.this,tlrouble;l had in      understanding not only what.others said;tome:~but:also what I      saidtothem.ltistrue-thatinthe~nd-by,dint:Ofpatierice,we:m,kldf       ourselyes understoOd. but understood.ii ith .regard. to }vhat. I ask - you. and to what purpose? . And .to the . noises ‘of nature ~too. and       the works of men.


With my new phone, experimenting with what sounded like impressive scanning abilities, I snapped a picture of the page I’m on in Beckett’s trilogy (Molloy, p50, Calder version)

I had another go, continuing the same section and managing similar serendepities between two kinds of confusion, though slightly less mangled (perhaps i’m getting the hang of it).


and o] : : . the works of men; I reacted I think in rny own way and withoui ~ . desire of enlightenment- And my ‘eye too; the seeing one. musl -l ~ have been ill-connected with the.spider, for I found it hard tc . . name what was .niirrored there..often quite distindtly. And witho\ri .  going so far ias to say that I saw the world upside down (that woulc    ; . . ‘ have been too easy) it is certain I saw it in a ~way in ordinateb . .  ~ formal. though I, was far from being an aesthete, or an artist. And . ‘ ~ ~ of my~ two eye.s only one functioning more or less correctly, I mis. ~ ~ judged the distance separating me.from the other world, and ofter, : ~ ~ l’stretched out my hand for what was far;:beyond:my reach, and ~ ~ oftenl knocked against obstacles.scarcely,visibte.on the horizon, ~ ~ But I was like that even when ‘I. had my~ two ‘eyes, it seems to mel :  but perhaps’not, for it islong since’ that eraof niy life. and my recol- . ‘ . . lection of it is more than imperfect. . And nowr come .to think of it,   : my attempts at taste and smell were’ s’carcely:morefortunate, I smelt  l ~ and tasted without knowing exactly what,nor,whetheritwas good. ~ – . nor whetherit was bad. and seldom twice running the same thing.    i . . I would have been I, think an excellent husband. incapable of . wearying of my wife and’committing. adultery-only from absent-mindedness


3 responses to “an’-effort.of,theiintelligence

  1. First thought: what the hell is this? has he lost it
    Second thought: It smells of Beckett
    That voice is so particular even mangled by an iphone app
    But then Beckett was always already a scrambling

  2. -. . . ~ ~ ~ . ‘ .- ~ ~ . . mean- ~, . ;:: .

    ()f c0|_|r$3 !

  3. This is precisely the sort of ridiculous experimentation that we seek to blot out. Do you hear me? Next they’ll have Clov Air Fresheners. It must all stop!

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