image – Rinko Kawauchi

A few things happening now, today, tomorrow and the next day…

Tonight, ArtsAdmin are streaming live from a discussion I’ll be part of about performance making and the internet. You can see it here from 7.30pm, and also chat / make comments in the moment etc. Full info at the same link.

Tomorrow and Thursday (27-28th), the Pete and Joan live portrait, as mentioned below. The audio and directions are up now, here: bring it along on your mp3 players.

Tim Etchell’s brilliant SMS project Thirty-Nine Or So To Do is up and running as from today. I don’t think it’s too late to subscribe > go here for details. I’ll be writing a response to this soon based on what happens when I carry out or fail to obey the instructions. I woke up to ‘Repeat movements from a long time ago’.


Responding to the last post re. Pete and Joan, Tim also sent through a link to the photographer Shizuka Yokomizo who posted residents a note through their doors –

“Dear Stranger, I am an artist working on a photographic project which involves people I do not know…I would like to take a photograph of you standing in your front room from the street in the evening. A camera will be set outside the window on the street. If you do not mind being photographed, please stand in the room and look into the camera through the window for 10 minutes on __-__-__ (date and time)…I will take your picture and then leave…we will remain strangers to each other…If you do not want to get involved, please simply draw your curtains to show your refusal…I really hope to see you from the window. “

Pete & Joan is a first step towards another, bigger project which aims to do something similar to this. Next to the BAC runs a road called THEATRE STREET…

And finally for now, linking to the Japanese photographer subject, my brother Martin and his wife Leonie Purchas are organising a workshop with the amazing Rinko Kawauchi. The workshop’s full now, but they’ve managed to pull a scoop and have organised an evening next door at the wonderful Campbell Works with Rinko in discussion with Martin Parr, next Monday 1st June. Info here.


One response to “Now

  1. catherine fornal

    Salut Anthony,
    toujours active, je t’ecris pour reprendre contacte avec toi, toujours vers la suisse , je prevois un voyage à Londres .Je desire te voir
    envoye moi un mail .

    et aussi

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