Seating Available

Testing… a new idea I’m calling ‘Everything Happens Here’. Experiments for a project initiated by Rules and Regs for an event on June 14th at Loughborough University, hosted by RADAR. Filmed by Britt Hatzius. After that B and I will be travelling in France and Italy and hope to produce more, in the same vein, for a show in Paris at The Window 41.

The audience are positioned here along the pavement, looking that way. In the road there are demonstrators, asleep. They’re surrounded by bankers in sharp suits and sharp shooters in riot gear. No-one’s moving, and there’s no sound at all except the wind overhead, going that way. At a certain moment all the bankers and snipers start smoking: cigarettes, cigars and pipes. The smoke is taken that way by the wind, and sets off the fire alarm in the station. That’s the only sound we hear. The demonstrators all roll over and continue sleeping on their other sides.


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