Don’t sleep on the Guru

We’re on an all-nighter at Sam’s finishing off GuruGuru before tomorrow’s first ever try-out. Half one in the morning now, Joji is flat out with the animation, passing stuff to Sam as he’s making it, Sam slotting things into the sound edit bit by bit. There’s not much I can do except fuel them with very strong Turkish tea and (for Sam) liquorice allsorts. We have about 8 hours, schedule’s like this –

Video finished, Sam does 2hrs of sound work – 9am
Render, author – 11am
Set up at Shunt- 3pm
Run through – 5pm
First slot – 6.30pm

Joji occasionally asking for an opinion on the latest, usually resulting in the three of us losing control for a while to torturous bouts of laughter.

Anyone in London wanting to see some very early trials, details at Shunt. Arrive early and sign up for a slot. 6.30 – 10.30 Thurs and Friday, 7.30 – 11.30 on Saturday (except the 9.30 slot, taken). The show is an hour long and is for 5 people at a time. Full info on GuruGuru here


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