rosas – reich

 Choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Michele Anne De Mey to Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase” – two parts. Talking about a lucidity between structure and spontaneity… (yesterday). No better example for me right now. I’m not sure if it’s because i saw this live a while back (and will again on Monday at Sadler’s Wells) but the video actually works. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve seen on stage.’Ah oui, mais c’est une perle’ says my dancer friend Jermome L.The steps, the nonchalence, the simple elegance swish-swash-spin, so tight but so free. The insistance and commitment to the task gains a dignity, like love in the face of an uphill struggle.  I re-live watching this and working out the trick of light, the shadows: when you realise the central one is a combination of the two on each side, when it hits you: the perfect geometery of two lights: two dancers: three shadows; the implicit sense of multiplication, of human mathematics – one plus one is three. Such a tug between the intellect saying ‘ah that’s smart, that’s a great idea, that’s what’s happening’ and the emotional, unable to say what the hell’s happening, helplessly sucked down the building vortex of sound and light. It was so perfect, I wondered if it was deliberate when De Keersmaeker’s companion Michele Anne De Mey stopped suddenly after about 11 minutes to take off her shoe and throw it into the wings. It was the oddest moment, somehow managing to break all the rules without breaking anything, and serving to remind us for just a second that these are still humans, and that they may be going through terrible pain. It also made me think of the ‘deliberate mistakes’ in Persian carpets, “because only Allah is perfect and to make a perfect carpet would offend Allah”.

Five legged camel?


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